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Nancy Cato

Nancy Cato

San Francisco illustrator, Nancy Cato, has been creating whimsically edgy characters for more than a decade. Working in pen and Ink, Cato has created numerous illustrations for her line of greeting cards, art prints and t-shirts. Cato navigates childhood and the everyday lives of Black people coupled with the harsh racial realities of living in America. Her meticulously rendered lines deeply embrace the whimsical and gritty nature of being Black in America.

Currently, Cato is merging into the world of murals and children's books. Murals have given Cato the amazing opportunity to segue into a larger form of expression and explore the use of color. Cato's current mural's can be seen at the African American Art and Culture Complex's outdoor exhibit, "Closer 6ft. Apart," the Chinese Heritage Society of America's "We Are Bruce Lee" exhibit and "Jamari's Journey," Cato's 1st digital mural comprising of eighteen banners commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission for the Public Utilities Commission.

Children's books have been a life long pursuit for Cato, primarily to encourage literacy among young people and inspire the next generation. She is currently working on a demanding childhood character who wants to be heard.

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