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This mural at San Francisco State University was created in response to the decline of African-Americans in San Francisco. I actually believe it speaks to African-Americans in the United States. and world-wide. We are constantly having to move or relocate, basically to create space for white people. It's an unsettling thought, but I believe it to be the truth...if we are being honest. Historically, we have constantly had to redefine 'home'.

Closer 6Ft. Apart

During the pandemic I was gifted a panel and asked to respond to the pandemic. During the pandemic this right here is how I was personally feeling. It was perhaps one of the most lonely events in my life. Boxing gloves show up in my work quite a bit for obvious reasons. The dangling roots represent how we continue to find ways to be rooted in this world. Seems like we are constantly and historically being uprooted. While doing this outdoor mural I had an opportunity to speak with some folks. I really appreciated the conversations.

Black Woman Is God

Virtual Exhibit

I created this indoor mural during the pandemic.  When thinking of the Black Woman Is God I get lost in all of my doubt. It has been a journey grasping what this actually means. I most definitely wasn't raised to recognize or even imagine what this means. It doesn't matter what people think. It really doesn't. She is rooted in her truth.

"We Are Bruce Lee: Under The Sky One Family"

This mural was a total celebration of my childhood hero-Bruce Lee!! I was simply asked if I was interested in doing a mural for the Bruce Lee exhibit by  Melonie & Melorra Green. I couldn't believe the ask! They gifted me two walls and freedom to create whatever!  I was so nervous when I arrived at CHSA, but Jeff Chin's tour of the museum and Justine Hoover's hospitality really set me up nicely. During the tour I was so into my childhood that I totally forgot I was suppose to be doing a mural, so I politely excused myself and got down to business. I completed this mural purely on my admiration for Bruce Lee.

"Jamari's Journey"

This digital banner mural was my 1st commission from the San Francisco Arts Commission for the Public Utilities Commission on 1550 Evans St. Inspired by the comic book format,  Jamari's Journey tells the story of a young boy trying to find a place to break away from the pollution, violence and "urban renewal". Jamari finds a portal that takes him into a universe where he finds peace and a breath of fresh air. While meditating in this new place,  Jamari is summoned back to the Bayview when he hears his mother calling him. Upon returning,  Jamari and his Mom realize he has returned with the Universe inside him.

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